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Swimming the Channel – A journey in travel posters

Today is the third anniversary of my wife Melanie’s successful cross channel swim. To celebrate I thought I’d share some of the highlights along with some Vintage Travel Posters that relate to her journey. The fun, exciting, arduous and exhilarating experience  just to stand on the golden sands of Wissant Beach in France – for […]

Railway posters from the Golden Era of British Railways

For many railway enthusiasts and collectors of railway posters, the period between 1923 and 1948 is the Golden Age of the Railways. The passing of The Railway Act 1921 led to the ‘grouping’ of many of Britain’s diverse railway companies. They were amalgamated in to four new companies, known collectively as the ‘Big Four’.  The […]

Top romantic films and their iconic movie posters

Love is all you need Romantic movies are some of the biggest grossing movies of all time and the movie posters that promote them are amongst the most expensive collectible posters to own. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good rom-com on a locked-down Friday night?! When you think of romance it’s almost inevitable […]

Four purrfect cat posters of the Belle Epoque era

We are obsessed with cats. More than 3.8 million cat pictures and videos are shared online each day. That’s more than twice the number of selfies posted! Funny cats, keyboard cats, cute cats, fat cats, ugly cats, the list goes on. People have always had a love of our feline friends and it shows in […]

Posters – The Smart Alternative To The ‘Credibility’ Bookshelf

The media have dubbed it the ‘Credibility’ Bookshelf, we’ve all seen those politicians and celebrities on a ZOOM call with their impressive looking bookshelves. Likely filled with books they’ve never read. In 2020 the bookshelf became a phenomenon, journalists forensically studied the book collections of the ‘great and the good’ which became visible for the […]

4 Beautiful British Seaside Posters

The Seaside has long been a favourite destination for British people. Scarborough Spa claims to be the countries first Seaside resort. In 1660, a book by Dr Wittie praising the towns spa waters led to it becoming a favourite destination for the Aristocracy. In the Victorian era, Seaside destinations grew in popularity. Coastal Towns sprung […]