Posters – The Smart Alternative To The ‘Credibility’ Bookshelf


The media have dubbed it the ‘Credibility’ Bookshelf, we’ve all seen those politicians and celebrities on a ZOOM call with their impressive looking bookshelves. Likely filled with books they’ve never read.

In 2020 the bookshelf became a phenomenon, journalists forensically studied the book collections of the ‘great and the good’ which became visible for the first time as video calling and Zoom meeting rose in popularity due to the pandemic. As 2021 nears, we’ve decided to look at alternatives to the ‘Credibility’ bookshelf. So, if you’re looking for something slightly less passé to appear in the background of your video calls, let me introduce to you… the ‘Credibility’ poster!

A poster will say more about you than books ever could. let’s be honest, most people can’t even see the titles of those books. Rearranging your bookshelf so all the copies of Jamie Oliver’s five-minute meals are out of the frame and replacing them with Dostoevsky novels is a waste of time. What you need is a poster that reflects your personality, profession or just a piece of artwork that will catch the eye. Whatever you want to say, we have a poster that fits the bill. Below we’ve featured some of our favourite posters that will get you noticed on that next Zoom call.


We have beautiful posters for those you want to reflect their ‘Travel’ credentials. You could be a Travel Agent, Travel Blogger or someone who reports from a specific location – what better way to convey your love of travel than using one of these great poster designs.


You know you’re smart, but do other people know how smart you really are? Well, maybe you need to reinforce your intellectual superiority with one of these great posters, make sure this is visible in the background of your next video interview and the job is yours.


You don’t play by rules, you’re a rebel and you don’t mind who knows it. If you want to signal that you’re a non conformist, we have a fab collection for you below. Just make sure you take the poster down before the boss Zoom calls you! Otherwise, you won’t be able to buy more great artwork like the posters below!


You have that artistic streak and you want everyone to know it. The best way to show the world you value design, asthetics and all things beautiful is using one of the designs below. You can even pass if off as your own original work – we don’t judge!


You’re sporty, you work out and you play to win! Show the world your athletic side with our wide range of sporting posters. Perfect for Skiers, Golfers and future Olympians.

If you’d like to view all our posters, click here. We have 1000s of amazing designs, whether you love cars and trains or animals and art, we’re confident we have a poster just for you.